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Poo urban dictionary

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Splashers: Splashers are actually quite common. Water Fountain is liquid like poo that is impelled out of the butt at a speed faster than the fastest man on Earth. Nickel Raids are hundreds of poo pellets no bigger than half an inch that rapidly propel out of your but and yacht supply depot your anus feel like a Yeti is trying to get it.


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Stinky Poo is a game which has gained a small following. They are a subcategory of a W. Slick and Dirty: Slick and Dirtiesor S.

Back in ancient times, the Nemesi were regarged as a curse in an attempt to spawn the Anti-Christ and were imbued with satanic powers. It must have been a ghost poo.

From gum to just about anything is what they may contain. They refer to any kind of poo that hits the water of the toilet bowl and the water displaces onto your ass and you aquire an annoying yet real feeling of a splashed ass. They seem to get thinner but longer. It is rare, but I can testify that a healthy diet can produce one.

Love Trains are closely related to the Slick and Clean and sometimes you can see the time in combination. Likewise, Dictoinary Poo shall not be played outside of the agreed-upon game period.

Nemesis: Nemesis is a life-threatening poo. Corporate Casual: The Corps are known as plainly regular poos. Look theres a nut in the middle!

Poo is primarily composed of skype domme waste manufactured in from the works of many organs in your body. Hamlets are optional poos really, as long as you don't push for one you wont be stuck in its pickle.

Its known to have reached sizes of grapevine tx escorts 3 feet in length and 6' in width. Pooh is fine to me!!! The ghost poo dictionray smooth and firm enough vibeline chatline be ejected with "toilet escape velocity " i. So it not only disappears but there is no lingering pong, as it only had a millisecond of exposure to the atmosphere. Damn did y'all see Pooh?!

The Red Baron : Red Barons are red poos basically. What's the boy with the pretty ass smile name? This session of poos will certainly have Splashers in it and usually a Water Fountain can last for three days! Poo is commonly propelled out of your rectum usually preceding speeds of up to miles per hour. A Red Baron may more commonly make your anus bleed pol of being stained with its blood. They don't take on any specifics rather than perhaps that of a Splasher.

It looks like a One Eyed Green Monster! It is played with a group of people who are willing to endure the game. Nemesi are also known as "The Brown Death.

Hamlet: Hamlets are very similar to Poohs. Corporate Casuals nude san antonio girls also refered to as "Mimics" as they can easily take on the function of any of these poos in a half-baked way. Through much energy and constipation eventually the Pooh may be pried free and released to go about its buisness.

Oh that's Pooh!!

Burning Brigade : The Burning Brigade is usually a series single women in rochester ny poos that result in a tired and extremely overheated anus. Urbsn Love Trains usually cause rashes due to the constant irritation aganist the skin from the train. There are multiple types of poossuch as, Gattling Gun: The Gattling Gun is when your anus continually produces poo pellets which erupt out of your ass into the water.

In General "Yo i've got to let the dogs out yo! The only evidence is few unreliably changed synapses that are busy trying to work out more important stuff. If you are caught hiding a Poo, you must sniff the Poo. Love Trains are dictionart lengthy but sometimes very slim.

This was proved in from a test by Ebeneezer Scrooge. Slick and Clean: Also known as the S. The petty level is beyond your reach, you will NOT win.

It's never a good ending. Corps aren't anything to worry about and simply fit the description of a regular turd. oneonta escorts

Water Fountain : Water Fountains and Splashers are commonly mixed up. Creamy Corn: Creamy Corns contain Corn as their name implies.