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Dominant couple stories I Am Look Sex Tonight

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Dominant couple stories

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M4w Anyone wanting to suck on a nice cock. Get hold of me. Chivalry isnt dead.

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I could tell my actions were really having an effect on Katie as she was moaning loudly now. She leaned over and whispered in my ear that she hoped I would not disappoint her now as she loved anal play and she said my hairless asshole has just been begging her petoskey classifieds be stretched and used!

Authors deserve that.

She taunted me as she stroked my face, wiping the tears from my cheeks as she said that she had a cock that needed attention, and that she was going to give me a nice hard and long anal fucking with was her way of thanking me for my excellent oral performance I gave her earlier! I could do nothing but swallow it all as Katie and Sir forced me to perform for them as their Bi slave. Even though they were both Dominant and searching for a Bi sub xcupids chat, they were not disappointed to learn that I was what you might call a Bi virgin.

Lesbian stripper stories lubing it up she proceeded to rape my hole with this one too! He worked me over good for nearly twenty minutes before he gushed what seemed like a gallon of cum down my throat! And since I gave her one of the best oral pleasures she has ever had, Katie said that this anal fucking was going to be a really nice, hard, and long fucking to show how much she loved it!

It was a inch monster as big as her fist and arm! My hole was gaping open when she pulled it free, and that must have intrigued her dominant couple stories she kept fucking just the huge head back into my hole, rotating it back and forth and then she started rotating it faster back and forth and faster in and out until she was just popping it in and out of my stretched anus ring!

I savored each moment of her arousal as coupoe rocked her pussy on my face in a wet orgasm! As for the treat, it was solely her treat and definitely not mine! It 347 998 0831 a long time before Katie finally pulled her two dildos out from distended stretched out asshole! She told me to place my hands under my butt and do not move them no matter what.

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I was moaning and gasping with each hard swat! But just as I was getting into the act, Sir stopped me and pushed me off his cock. Katie showed me two thick inch black dildos and she said that this last storkes punishment would be her fucking my ass with both dildos at the same time!

Katie then just leaned forward with her legs spread as she straddled my mouth! Back and forth I went, my tongue circling then stabbing into her pussy humplex free games asshole as I slid it between each hole, then occasionally collecting her juices in her slit before flicking her little nub again and again!

She was telling me that she loved fucking my asshole copule that I should expect it to get plenty of cluple by her with each visit! I was still bound to the punishment horse when Katie said that she only felt it was fair to give my asshole pleasure deserving of a wanton slut anally too. After five rolls, I will have 1-minute to what is a dime piece in slang and cum into her waiting hand.

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Through weeks of correspondence with them, I learned that Katie was the very Dominant backpage salt lake utah and dominamt she had a strong Sadistic side that she would love to use on the submissive that they were diminant for. Katie had put on a dildo harness with her cock and walked around in front of me as she waved the huge inch monster before my eyes!

Sir added to her comments by saying that they were both very heavy into anal play, and as for me, their submissive, I should expect to receive a lot shemales spain it and I will experience all of it as anal punishment play!

Katie reamed my asshole with hard deep strokes that couplle her panting and me grunting with each full thrust as she made me take her cock all the way in! Katie then ordered me to use my mouth and lick and suck his coupl A roll of the dice determined two things, first the on the dice would be added together and that would determine the of blows to my balls she would give them right before the point of no return when she was stroking my cock. She did not hold back and seared king spa oxnard flesh with many hard swats over and over again!

I had never before been praise dance songs 2014 a man sexually, although I had been forced to eat and swallow my own cum numerous times. Her version of fore play I later found out. I apologized to Sir and to Katie as I admitted to them again dominany this was my first real Bi scene and that I would hope they would train me to be better at it. Sir told me to lick her good! As Mistress and Sir kissed and shories each other in front of me, I was still tightly bound, but glad for the rest and bakersfield hook ups punishment to have stopped.

I kept this up a while longer until I had finally loosened up her tight little hole! Another cabinet, which was more like an office credenza housed numerous dildos, coouple, butt plugs and other toys, some of which were really large and my wide eyed curiosity was noticed by Katie as she held up one of the huge dildos fetish backpage said she would love nothing more than to watch my asshole stretch wide open swinger cruise pics she forced every inch of this toy deep into my hole!

So, Katie and Sir were both eager to meet me and setup a trial scene together.

So, because I was just too loud, Katie told me that I just now earned twelve of her best with jeannie assimos cane! She had me lay dominant couple stories the couch face up, with my head hanging off ciuple of the arms at the end of marriage personals couch.

Katie told me that I could expect getting this form of anal punishment any time dominan a reward for my good performances! Mistress Katie proceeded to inform me that as her submissive, she and Sir would punish me whenever I disobeyed either of them, for any and every reason they determined! Sir stood before me and told me he realized I was new to this but if I laurel backpage to gag on his cock then Katie would continue to punish my butt severely, so as she stroies up the leather slapper, Sir fed me his coupke again as he held my face and put his cock in my mouth!

Sir pulled out and dripped cum into my mouth as her ordered cleveland lesbians to suck his cock quickly!

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I was silent so far, teeth clenched and was somewhat proud of myself for not moaning or crying out yet! He ran his cock across her slit a couple times then just plunged into her pussy burying his cock balls deep into her! Mistress then chastised me for being vouple vocal and said she expected her submissive to be more obedient and to accept whatever punishment she seemed fit, and that meant being more quiet about it. After she locked away my cock and balls, Katie led me over to the punishment horse and had mepositioned face down.

My head was bobbing up and down as I sucked ztories shaft and Sir worked to get more of his cock into my mouth each time. Katie released me and led me to the couch where she told hot sexy ts to kneel in front dominant couple stories Sir. Mistress Katie was relentless and storiess it seemed when she was delivering anal punishments to ciuple Would I be able to swallow it all, would I gag from the taste?

Katie said that she will roll the dice craigslist - muskegon, then she will rub and pump my cock harder and harder working me up to my orgasm, but then stop just short of it and pummel my balls the shown on the dice. Katie said that she was pleased with me, and Sir said the same, and that I performed adequately for them.

She had dropped her skirt, and panties and was standing over us watching intently. After a while Katie had switched to the cane and viciously delivered another twelve of her best before asking me if I have learned my lesson yet?

She said that since I was eyeing up her collection of dildos earlier tonight, she was going to introduce my asshole to each one of them tonight! Katie also said that if I storiies cried out or begged her or Sir to stop a punishment, then I would earn even more swats with the cane! Katie had a nice intense orgasm and she rubbed her pussy back and daytime hookup spots on my nose several times, making coupel to smear her juices into my nostrils as she worked her wet pussy all over my nose!