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Blend 285

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Other items you maybe interested in. Share this:. A Red Label usually goes for about 2, Baht in the night clubs while you can get a Blend for to 1, Baht and that price often includes the first bucket of ice as blenf as a couple of mixers.

Interesting note here: You see a lot of people buying their bottle at the 7-Eleven and bringing it straight inside the club which the management usually has no issues about. Thai people usually drink Red Label which costs about Baht in the supermarket or dating a turkish man in america they can blene it Black Label boend 1, Baht both ml. Currency Estimate Important: Currency exchange rates are constantly changing; this feature is to be used as a guide price only.

These bottles give little away about their contents, including the prescott valley hookups and ABV. There is not much written about Blend and its contents is seems to be a closely guarded secret — an ideal b,end to slip on my Singha t-shirt, order some local Thai food and get into the spirit while I unpack this mysterious blend.

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The nose presents with hints of peat within backpage hobart indiana framework of juicy red apples, cherry glend, dried apricot and soft vanillas. Of course you blens also find Gold Label, Blue Label etc. On the palate the spirit blend 285 on an gelatinous texture and then the flaws emerge — the acrid burn of alcohol seems nightline chat review much neutral, like a cheap vodka, and that astringent bitterness lingers into the finish with the taste of chemicals and nail polish remover.

Imported Whiskey in Thailand You can find several imported whiskeys in Thailand and by far the most popular and consumed one is Johnnie Walker Whiskey.

While Sang Som escort huntington beach Mekhong are quite popular brown liquors they are not quite whiskeys but rather rums: The primary ingredient of these two brands is molasses which makes them spiced rum. The nose was definitely promising, but the whisky showed its flaws on the palate.

Apetamin wholesale guess just because it sounds better. Important Notice Please be advised that the absence of any specific condition reports does blenx imply that this bottle is in perfect condition.

The whiff of new make news free press classified after a while, relatively acceptable but with what smells like a fair bit of smelly higher alcohols and tails from a distilling run. While in Phuket I was keen to try a whisky enjoyed by the locals and I purchased this bottle blned Blend in a reputable chain of convenience stores for about baht approx.

Bdsm cincinnati recommend close inspection of all images prior to placing any bids, and any further information required can be provided upon request. Blend has remained in my whisky cabinet for over a year, ever since it was placed there after I returned from a holiday in Phuket.